About Us

Aaron Montecchio Ltd., established in 1947, is the most reputable company in the Israeli automotive spare parts market.

In 2019, the company was acquired by Kogol Unitrade Ltd. the official distributors of Michelin in Israel. Kogol is a subsidiary of Mayer Group, one of the largest automotive groups in Israel with an annual turnover of $1.8B.

As a shareholder of ATR International AG, Aaron Montecchio is a part of the largest automotive spare parts purchasing group in the world.

With a clear and proven strategy, the company focuses on the largest spare parts shops in Israel and sells its products only to a limited group of customers. Through this chosen group of customers, the company dominates the core of the Israeli spare parts business.

Montecchio’s product offering is consisted of Brake systems, Steering & Suspension, Shocks, Clutches, Filters, Spark plugs, Ignition Coils, Water & Fuel Pumps, Dampers, Rubber metal, Timing belts & Kits, Tensioners, Sensors, Bearings, Radiators, Catalytic Converters, Drive shaft & CV joints and more.

The company imports more than 70 brands in the various categories and offers three price tiers in every category.

Aaron Montecchio’s logistic center is located in Zrifin industrial zone, in the immediate perimeter of Tel Aviv, with overall warehouse floor size of more than 9000 sqm.

The company offers the widest range of items in its market, with the highest available stocks in Israel. Combined with uniform and aggressive pricing strategy, the company is the leader of its market in Israel.

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